Frequently Asked Questions

A ceramide probiotic active moisturizer can help improve your skin's hydration, restore your skin barrier function, and strengthen your skin's natural defense against environmental stressors.

Yes, you can use our Active Moisturizer even if you have oily oracne-prone skin. In fact, using a moisturizer can help balance the skin's natural oils and reduce the overproduction of sebum that can lead to acne.

Yes, you can use a ceramide probiotic active moisturizer with other skincare products. It is recommended to apply the moisturizer after cleansing and toning, and before applying any serums or treatments.

Yes, a our Active Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, damgaed and acne-prone skin. It is enven gentle enough to be used on babies over three months of age.

The results can vary depending on your skin condition and how consistently you use the product. Generally, you may see improvements in your skin's hydration after the first use and improvements to the skin barrier function within a few days to a few weeks of consistent use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jenny Oliver
Beautiful product

I love this moisturizor - it beautifully hydrates all day. Will keep using it for sure.

Favourite Moisturiser

Eunoia’s active moisturiser is an absolute favourite, it feels so nourishing for my skin and creates a really smooth soft feel, I would highly recommend it.

Aleisha L
Effective and beautiful moisturiser

A beautifully absorbent and lightweight, yet creamy moisturiser. My skin responds so well to this active moisturiser, providing hydration and setting my makeup all day with a silky finish and soft healthy glow. Using it morning and night has restored hydration to my cheeks, eye area and forehead, evened skin tone and healed scarring. I only need two small pumps, have absolutely no sensitivity with it and it has a subtle scent that doesn’t leave me with any headaches. Most effective moisturiser I have finally found.

Kim Schofield
The most beautiful glow

This is without a doubt the best moisturiser I have ever used . I can’t go without it ! It works well across all skin types - my drier skin and my daughters oilier skin both thrive . This is a remarkable product . Thank you Eunoia for creating it and making such a difference our skin x

Thank you so much for your wonderful review of our moisturizer! We are thrilled to hear that it is the best you have ever used and that you can't go without it. We're glad to hear that it works well across different skin types, and that both your drier skin and your daughter's oilier skin thrive with its use. We appreciate your feedback about how this product has made a difference in your skin, and we're grateful for your kind words. Thank you for choosing Eunoia Beauty and for your support. We look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality skincare products that help you achieve a beautiful glow.

Emily Jayne Hoult
Biome Ceramide Active Moisturiser Convert

I absolutely love the three products I have purchased so far and cant wait until I have the full 5 step program. The moisturiser is soft and silky and has a very pleasant mild scent, best of all you only need such a small amount. I had previously used another range of products religiously for over 5 years, but am a very keen convert to these beautiful products.

Thank you so much for your positive review of our Biome Ceramide Active Moisturiser! We're thrilled to hear that you love the three products you've purchased. We're delighted to hear that the moisturiser is soft and silky with a very pleasant mild scent, and that you only need a small amount. We're honored that you've switched to our products after using another range of products for over 5 years, and we're grateful for your support. Thank you for choosing Eunoia Beauty and for sharing your experience with us. We look forward to providing you with more beautiful products that meet your needs.