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Aleisha L
Gentle Cleanser

The Gentle Cleanser lives up to its name and is perfect for sensitive skin. I enjoy using this after the Oil Cleanser as a complete cleanse at the end of the day and both work extremely well individually too. Skin impurities and pores are visibly minimised and my skin is left radiant. I find I only need one pump as a little bit goes a long way. I love that I can get to the bottom of the bottle too so there is no wastage of these beautiful products.

John Wilson
Best cleanser I have used

I was also impressed at how little I needed to cover my face and still feel cleansed. It was smooth and lathered enough for my skin to feel really clean without having to use much product. I was also told to try shaving with it and it has been amazing. I no longer use shave gel. The follow on effect with my skincare routine has been using less moisturiser both in the morning and evening and somehow still having softer skin. I like the fact that it is filled with so many great ingredients, so if you’re not into a long routine, like me, and don’t want to add lots of different products every day – then this range is for you.

Sally Smith
Ticks all the boxes

I have oily skin and enlarged pores with dry patches on my cheeks, so I usually struggle to find a cleanser that works for my skin type. The Eunoia Gentle Cleanser is a gentle yet effective cleanser that is ticking all my boxes! I have been using it for the last two weeks, morning and night, and I am really happy with how my skin looks and feels. It easily removes my makeup and doesn’t cause any irritation around my eyes ore exacerbate my dry patches. My oil production has slowed down and my skin feels balanced and healthier.

Nicola Fisher
So gentle.

I was surprised how incredibly gentle this was on my skin. I always feel tight and dehydrated after cleansing but this felt so nourished and clean while effectively removing all traces of my sunscreen. I use this as my second cleanse every evening.